Ups and downs

I’m going to have to start stashing liquor in my file cabinet drawer, I swear. Ever since last Friday it has just been a cavalcade of crap. Non-stop crap 24/7. I spent a good chunk of my between-meeting time today ugly-crying in my cube, to the point where I grabbed my box of kleenex and slunk into an empty room with a door so I could sob more heavily. Good times.

Anyway, I started my day by getting up at 5 and battling traffic to drive to work (I’m so, so glad I take the train usually). I rolled into the gym right after they opened, and banged out 3 miles on my tired legs, and was showered and at my desk by 7:30am. I don’t leave work until 7, and won’t get home until ~9:30 tonight so it’s a very long day.

The run went okay, 3 miles in ~31 minutes. I probably could’ve backed off some and gone a little slower for an easy run, but it got done. Tomorrow’s an off day from running. I got a flu shot yesterday and my arm still hurts, so significant lifting is out. I guess I’ll see how I’m feeling in the morning.

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