Less brutal than expected

After the difficulty I had with the 40 minute tempo run last week, I expected today’s 8x400m 1×1 intervals to give me another headache. That turned out not to be the case at all. I finished it at 9’30" pace overall — about 30 seconds/mi faster than the tempo run– and it didn’t feel very hard at all. I ran at the final interval at 8’00" and that was tough, but I bounced back quickly. I feel perky not depleted, which is a nice change. This is my last full week of training runs, and I’m feeling okay with where I’m at, and not worn out. Maybe doing 1 month of training rather than 2 is the way to go?

I got a lot done yesterday – I hemmed my surcote, got buttons and buttonholes on my kirtle, shortened and narrowed my chemise sleeves, and taught myself lucet braiding to make a new lace for the kirtle (using a meat fork. I’m so proud of just picking up another random new skill. no more cooking twine lace!) If I’m learning anything from my SCA adventures so far, it’s that now I understand why the #1 best trait for a wife was industriousness (of course all of this work would’ve fallen to the wife). I could easily fill my waking hours making the things I need, and I don’t really have idle time anymore, there’s always some project that needs to get done. Luckily I enjoy it– and of course it’s totally optional for me, and that wasn’t the case for women in period.

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2 Responses to Less brutal than expected

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I hope you will post a photo of the outfit! I was shocked by the complexity of the pattern, it’s really going to be something.

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