Race prep and event prep

Well, I’m racing tomorrow morning and it is forecast to be COLD– around 26ºF, with some wind. This should be fun… My husband signed up to run too, but he hasn’t done any running in months. There are plenty of walkers, so he won’t be out of place if he needs to go slowly.

I wrapped up all the training I could fit in earlier this week. Friday was 5 miles fast on the treadmill and on Monday I went out for an easy 3 miler that turned into more of a benchmark run– my splits for miles 1 and 2 were good, but I started cramping up in mile 3 and had to dial it back. I had a 7 mile long run on the schedule for the weekend, but I didn’t do it because we were out doing things. Regardless, I should be on track for a sub-30 5k tomorrow unless I turn into a runner-sicle on the side of the road.

We had an SCA event on Saturday and it was a chance for me to finally wear my 100% hand sewn silk 14th century sideless surcote that I spent weeks making. I finally finished the interior seams on Friday night at my friend’s house– she was doing some battle sewing getting ready for the event. She had her surcote pattern ready but not enough fabric to make it so I brought over some wool I had no plans for and helped her get it together. I was proud that I finished the inside seams (an optional step!) At the event, one of my shire-mates (our resident fiber/sewing expert) was showing off my gown to a baroness– proud that her shirelings had done such a nice job– and the baroness flipped a seam out and tsk’d and told my shire-mate that she should do a tutorial on seam finishes for us. (Seam flippers!) Now– don’t get me wrong, I like and respect this baroness but DAMN. I wouldn’t mind if she had said to me "Your seam finishes need a little work" but to say that to basically our shire sewing mentor, like it was her fault for not teaching me right? Ouch. Anyway, here’s a picture of my beautiful piece of shit gown. The outside, the part that matters. (I’m the purple one on the left, my friend is the red on the right. We are headless because I don’t think my friend wants her picture on my random blog!)

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2 Responses to Race prep and event prep

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Both dresses are beautiful, despite the sub-standard seams :-D

    Good luck on your race today!

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