I’m still here

Jeez, was Thanksgiving the last time I wrote? I swear I didn’t stop doing any activity after I ran the race! Since then (according to my tracker) I’ve had 5 runs, 2 HIIT workouts, and one really quick lifting sesh. I’ll spare you all the details, mostly because I’ve forgotten all the details.

Work is still incredibly hectic and I’m starting to reach the limit of how much I can keep caring about things. It really does seem like the universe is conspiring to throw a wrench into everything I’m trying to do (for example, the Surprise Day Off on Wednesday– no I need all the work days in December I can get!)

On the plus side, though, I do have most of my Christmas shopping done now, and my sashiko embroidered gift towels are almost done (they go fast). At least that’s not hanging over my head…

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2 Responses to I’m still here

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Yikes thanks for the reminder that I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping yet!

    • G says:

      You still have lots of time! I’m going to be booked basically from this weekend until I leave for MI, so I need to wrap it up early.

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