Making a list… forgetting where I put the list…

I seem to be falling into a habit where I let something slide and then forget about it for a really long time, and then forget all the details of whatever I didn’t follow up on. So I’m writing this blog post before I do that.

My runs have been getting shorter and faster out of necessity. Tuesday I crammed 3.2 miles into 30 minutes on the treadmill, and today was 4 miles into 40 minutes. To be honest, I feel like these workouts are just too short, no matter how fast I make them. But I guess it’s probably better to not feel depleted, my days are too hectic to be low energy.

I got a lot done on my surprise day off yesterday, ran a bunch of errands, finished up most of my shopping. However, I have one or two fewer gifting events than I thought and now I have extra "little" gifts floating around so I need to distribute those. There are worse problems to have. I need to finish one more towel (making a few embroidered linen towels for friends, I really like giving handmade gifts) before Saturday, too.

I also put up the tree and put Christmas lights on the house. My husband was so not excited about this– "we’re not even going to be here for Christmas!" but there ain’t no way I would buy this stupid house and trim shrubbery all spring and summer and NOT decorate the bushes out front. I think they look really nice. He didn’t have to do any work so he should stop being grumpy about it.

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