a marathon week

Not literally a marathon, but it feels that way.

On Sunday I went for a run with a friend who’s gotten back into running. He lives somewhat close by, so I ran to his house (~3.8mi) and then we met up and ran another 3 miles. He said he was a "slow" runner, so I was prepared to have a nice, chill long run day. Well, we leave his house and this guy starts laying down 9 minute miles and of course I chase him, figuring that he’s just being a show-off and eventually he’d slow down. But he didn’t. He’s dying, I’m dying, and I’m just like ‘slow my ASS’. On the plus side, I hung in there and logged my fastest 10k ever (1:05)? After we finished my friend was like "yeah I never run that fast?" So that was a thing.

So my legs were a little bit tired after that, and this week I’ve been at a local conference. It’s been like 25k steps every day, all week. My feet hurt, my hips hurt, I’m exhausted from having to get up early for a 1.5 hour commute in, and events until late. It’s good, but man I am looking forward to finishing up this week. It’s just long.

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