Fighting shape

Still furloughed. I keep having this waking nightmare that everything reopened but no one told me about it and I’m still sitting at home when I should be working. For some reason this utterly terrifies me.

I’m trying to at least put the time to good use. I finished sewing a hoodie and a skirt and I’m going to try yet another pattern to find The Perfect Pants (the last pair was too high-waisted and probably too small, fitting is hard). I finished a crocheting project, and I’ve got a knitted sweater pattern and yarn ready in the queue. I finished my first little project with the backstrap loom, and got the inkle loom assembled and the wood finished so that’s just waiting to get warped up. I’ve been cooking and organizing and getting stuff done around the house.

And I can do some really long lifting workouts in my home gym. I did one on Friday that left me super sore, but I got back to it today to try again. That’s the bad thing about the looong full-body workouts: need lots of recovery time. I did a bunch of supersets… I should probably find a program to follow though, instead of just stacking exercises randomly.

  • Squat, bicep curl (5×5,5x10x2)
  • Row, triceps, one leg RDL (3x10ea)
  • OHP, crunches, delt exercises of several kinds (3x10ea)
  • Bench press, side bends, lunges (3x10ea)
  • Deadlift (10)
  • Yoga
  • Foam/racquetball ball rolling (hurts so good)

I can blast my music, and if I decide I want to stop lifting and dance to a song I can do that too. An hour and a half makes for a nice workout.

Last week at SCA practice I finally asked about giving heavy fighting a try. I’m kind of intimidated by the big guys in armor, but approached the single lady fighter, who’s the partner of the marshal… she was very nice and said they can make time for me next month. I should probably talk to the marshal about it next week just to make sure he knows. My husband (who also fights but is new) hasn’t been super excited about my getting involved, but I figure I’ll give it a try in loaner gear and see if I like it. Anyway, I mention this because it’s influencing how I train. I want to be as ready as I can be to 1) swing a (rattan) sword hard at an opponent and hold a heavy shield for long periods of time; 2) have the endurance to be able to wear 30-50lb of armor for long periods; and 3) do these things while being nimble enough to avoid getting hit (good luck with that!) “Ready as I can be” is about right though, there’s still going to be a lot of learning and training on the field.

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