hashtag furlough life

Yesterday was a beautiful day– 50ºF, sunny, totally bizarre weather for January. I was sore but I went out for a quick 3mi anyway because, you gotta. Was even sorer afterwards, to the surprise of no one.

Despite a night of nightmares (still having work dreams, and I had a nightmare about my ear hurting and woke up to find… my ear hurt) I felt a little better today and decided that, since it was still pretty nice, I’d go out in the morning for as long a walk as I felt like. That was 1:15 of walking– much longer than I thought I’d go on sore legs. It was chill, I just put on a podcast.

It is the weirdest thing having all this time. I can do so many things in the day, and I’m running out of things to do. I’ve finished up my craft projects, everything’s clean, I cooked a bunch and started some long-prep food (cured salmon, yogurt, sauerkraut). I went and bought yarn to start a sweater (even swatched it last night, wtf), and I’m making a muslin for pants because I have the time to tweak a perfect fit. I never could’ve handled being a 1950s housewife, I would’ve driven myself crazy trying to find things to do for years on end.

And I miss my coworkers, I miss being around people. Not necessarily talking to them, just having them around. I’m going to SCA practice tonight not to work on anything in particular, but just to socialize.

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2 Responses to hashtag furlough life

  1. heatherjo86 says:

    I’m sorry your going through this. My mother was a federal worker for over 40 years and has been furloughed many times during her working years. I know this is stressful. I believe that soon we’ll have a government in place that will fix this mess and get back to truly helping people and not for selfish gain (Daniel 2:44). I pray this shutdown ends soon.

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