I’m still here, still furloughed. It’s past the point where I’m like “ohhh I hope we get called back soon” and well into having a new routine established that’s going to be hard to break. I’ve mostly forgotten what work is like. At least I’m still getting up early, so I won’t die when I have to go back to commuting.

Meanwhile, I’m 3 weeks into GZCLP and that’s going fine; I started it out really light so I’m just toodling along, slowly rebuilding my base. I’m happy that I found a replacement for lat pulldowns; I can do assisted low bar pull ups– basically I put the bar just higher than I can reach from sitting on the floor, and use my legs enough that I can get myself up. A little cheating, but it’s better than not doing them right? And I can’t even get close to a regular pull up.

I haven’t been running much since the snow storms and deep freeze. It’s supposed to warm up some, so I might go out later this week. The Xbox is set up in the basement now so I’ve been playing my stupid dancey games (Dance Central/Dance Central 2) for cardio. It’s not as good as a run, but it’s fun.

For a while I was using the time at home as an excuse to Cook All The Things, but I’m kind of over it now.  (I’m pretty much over being in housewife mode, but that’s a whooole other post.) Plus, I don’t want to go out and buy groceries as much as I can help it! So this seems like a great time to play with fasting more–I’m trying out alternate day fasting. So far so good. The worst part of it was going over to my SCA friends’ house for a day of artsy activity with the group– they cooked dinner for us all and looked so sad when I said I was fasting and wasn’t going to stay. Ah well– it would’ve been really awkward to just sit at the table and stare banefully at all the tasty food everyone was eating!

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  1. Ugh, the furlough. Sorry to hear that you had to go through that, too. I was in “housewife mode” too; my wife loved that part. Every day when she came home the house was clean, laundry was done, and dinner was cooked. I also had plenty of time for running and working out. If we knew from the beginning when it would end and when we would receive back pay, it would have been more enjoyable. I’m glad it’s over and behind us.

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