And we’re back!

Hooray, work is back open and I commuted to the office as usual this morning. My work gym was also back open so I decided that I would go to the gym as usual too. It felt a little bit selfish to show up to work and go right to the gym, but 1) everything was still coming back online; 2) everyone was milling around this morning not able to do anything useful and talking about the shutdown anyway; and 3) this is what I do on a normal day. So, 30 minutes of running on my favorite treadmill, watching HGTV, and a shower and all was right with the world. And the system updates on my laptop were done when I got back.

I’ve gotten through the piles of emails and sent replies to ones that needed them, but I’m hesitant to dive into more intensive work. I haven’t heard anything about the very IT-oriented project that I’m managing; I’m assuming for today that everyone in IT is occupied with bringing systems up and firefighting. I expect that tomorrow we’ll meet and see if guidance has changed after losing over a month from the schedule.

Other than that, not much going on. I’m still working through GZCLP (in week 3 now) with random cardio on my off days, and ADF (I am not sure how it’s going to go now that I’m adding more daily activity back in, but we’ll see). This weekend is an SCA event and then Super Bowl Sunday so no downtime for me…

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