Learning new things, every day

It’s been far too long since I wrote a blog… losing the habit of workout -> blog, since nowadays I go directly from workout into daily meetings. But at least I’m not losing the habit of workout!

This morning I started Week 6 of 3 Day GZCLP. I started light, and it’s still not exactly challenging, but I’m seeing results even so. SL5x5, my previous program, was really squat heavy (which I never liked) and it was too much heavy volume for me. GZCLP is only one T1 heavy lift per workout, and it rotates so I don’t have to squat every workout (thank goodness). The T3s are either one-arm rows or lat pulldown/low bar assisted pullup (whatever I have the equipment for), so it tends to be upper-body heavy. This is actually wonderful– I’ve had tons of upper back and delt development on this program, my arms are looking incredible. Unfortunately we are deep in sweater season so no one is seeing them.

Yesterday I carved out a chunk of time to do a proper long run– a little over 10 miles, a little under 2 hours. It was just above freezing but dry and not windy. The run itself was fine, my legs were fresh until about mile 7, and I hung in after that. However, despite popping a couple advil after I got home, I had the worst exertion migraine and I was pretty much out of commission for the rest of the day, which was really frustrating because I had work to do and an SCA meeting to attend– I half-assed one and skipped the other.

Work is still overwhelming and feeling like I’m way in over my head is a daily event. I’m lucky that I work with more experienced project managers/facilitators and they are great about teaching me new things, as well as letting me step back and observe while they drive the discussion. I’ve been feeling really frustrated lately, and so has my team, so having an outside person who can be objective is really valuable.

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