Trying new things

My muscles are a little fatigued lately, and not bouncing back quickly after sets. I skipped my workout yesterday entirely, and today I was back for squat/bench/lat PD GZCLP day, which felt harder than usual. It’s probably just poor recovery and I should get to bed earlier tonight.

I’m really excited about SCA practice tonight: I’m going to try hitting people with sticks/being hit by other people with sticks. I’m not sure what to expect, which is probably part of why I’m so excited about it; I’ve never in my life tried a combat sport so it’s totally new. The armored combat marshall’s partner has armor that will probably fit so I can try it out without too much commitment (they have proper loaner armor, but it’s man-sized, of course).

Apparently one of the "things" that happens to some people the first time they fight is that they get hit in the helmet a few times and just NOPE the f out. It seems to be more or less random and not related to how enthusiastic they are. I don’t know if that’ll happen to me. My husband is slightly concerned; I had a mild concussion when I was younger (hit a tree while sledding, classic) and that makes me more prone to further brain injuries. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens.

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