My teeth are clean.

I fit my lifting workout into 20 minutes flat this morning so I could get it done before heading to the dentist. Now it’s 5pm and I’m at work wondering if I should like go to the gym and do some cardio or something. Half of me thinks it a good idea, the other half knows that I’ll be back here doing more cardio at 8am tomorrow anyway. I had to drive to work, so I’m missing my walking commute…

Sunday I went out for a meandering run of not quite 4 miles. I totally did it wrong – I went out in the early part of the day, when it was cold and grey. By the afternoon it was warm and sunny. If only I had waited!

Friday was more lifting and a bonus fast 2 miles on the treadmill afterwards. My GZCLP template goes for 12 weeks; I started week 8 today. I think I want to add more volume so I should pick some T3s to add in, but I think I’m going to wait until I’m done with week 12. The shorter workouts are nice, and the upper body focus means my arms look great, but I feel like I’m not getting as much leg and lower back/core/glute work as I want. Does anyone out there have T3s that work well? Where do you put them?

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