Armor overload

It seems like the very first thing I do when I open up a blog post is to check when I wrote the last one. It was Wednesday so it’s been a while.

Fighting practice went pretty well last week– but it seemed a lot more physically difficult than the first time, maybe I just had less adrenaline in my system. I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, and that I need to know more than I know. My trainer said, "I can tell you’re getting frustrated, you only know two blows and they’re always getting blocked." Accurate. But I did do better this time with the shield and my body positioning so that I was less open and had better power. Yesterday we had an "armoring day". My husband has an assortment of armor leftovers that we could franken- and from his stash I now have elbows, knees and a helm that all need to be padded, strapped and sorted, and I ordered a mail aventail to go on the helm. I got patterned for Kydex leg armor, and I’ve contacted an artisan to buy Kydex chest armor (it can be made, but is 30+ hours of work and only $100 to buy, so…) I’ve got materials to make an arming belt to hold my leg armor up, and need to figure out a gorget and shoulders, along with something for my hips (maybe out of the leftover Kydex– I ordered a 48"x48" sheet). It’s a lot of stuff! I’m trying not to think too hard about the money I’m spending on this, and I haven’t even started looking at a weapon and shield yet.

Let’s see… I hamster-wheeled my beaten and sore self on Thursday, finished up week 8 of GZCLP on Friday, and didn’t do anything physical on the weekend (thanks, crap weather). This morning was more lifting and bonus elliptical intervals (ugh, talk about boring, but it got my heart rate up appropriately).

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