Checking in for the week

Okay! Only a week has passed this time… I had a very short first meeting today so I’ll write a quick update here.

I finally finished week 12 of my GZCLP program… it was supposed to be done last weekend but it dragged into Tuesday. Oh well – I was planning on taking a down week to set up for the next cycle, so that’s just a little shorter. I was going back and forth between switching to the 4 day version or adding some T2/T3 volume… I don’t think doing both is a good idea. I’m leaning towards 3 day+volume, just to keep it manageable.

I had fighter practice on Wednesday, and we had some visitors from another group join us– two veteran fighters and one newer guy. Like we always do, we sparred around so I fought everyone. All night I felt like a punching bag, but the newbie visitor just had no mercy on me at all. Now, I don’t ask for special treatment or softer hits, but the guys know that I don’t know wtf I’m doing and they usually help me learn rather that just pummeling me indiscriminately. But this new guy, not so much. It didn’t help that he had a full foot of height on me. One benefit of the visitors, though, was that I got to try out a new, lighter sword that one of them brought. I liked it a lot! I’ve been having a hard time with the wrist motion in the offsides strike, and having a lighter weapon helped a lot– it wasn’t so slow and fatiguing to bring the sword tip around. I’ve been borrowing a really heavy sword, so when I get my own I think I’ll go lighter.

Other than that, I got a couple runs in and some hamster-wheeling on the elliptical. I’ve been exhausted lately, and stupid cardio is the last place I want to go hard.

This weekend: yard work. I have 10 big bags of dirt and 2 bags of compost to move into the raised beds, and a bunch of stuff to plant. I’m going to try to sleep in, at least.

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