Workout Updates

Since I got in Extra Early to fit in workout before a crazy day of meetings (8 total! I have 30 minutes out of meetings between 9:30 and 4:30) here’s a quick update post…

So I sorted out my T2s and T3s for the next GZCLP iteration and started that this week. It’s a lot of volume, and the T3s I added are mostly core focused, which is a perpetual weak spot for me so I hope programming in some work will help.

Sunday I went for a longish run, 10k, and I laid down a decent pace for it, 10’35". Doing heavy squats on Monday was fun. I’m still trying to keep up running on lifting rest days; we’ll see how long I can manage it.

I have heavy combat practice tonight and I’m worried that my arms are going to be too shredded from this morning’s workout to have good sword and shield endurance. I’ve already diagnosed an issue with the sword I’m borrowing being simply too dang heavy for me; I can execute shots well with the light plastic practice sword, and 2 weeks ago I borrowed a lighter sword from a visitor and that helped too. I can do a flat snap fine with a heavy sword but the wrist motion of an offsides shot is hard. Honestly I just need to hurry up and get my own dang gear ready, I’m tired of borrowing things that fit poorly and don’t work for me. Ask me about the armor bite from the ill-fitting pauldrons sometime…

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