Not dead

I got in super early today, did my workout, and am at my desk waiting for the code I’m testing to finish running. This means I have a couple minute of free time for a blarg!

Work is still crap. We had an All Hands meeting with my great great grandboss and I literally started crying at his slide on work-life balance. It was over Webex so no one knew. However, I think I might be done with one obnoxiously overrunning task (see code testing above) so that helps. Oh but hey, next week I’m off to a meeting in freaking Korea and I’m supposed to do a bunch of prep work before that. (Although I can’t complain all that much– I’ve never been to Korea, and I really enjoy the group I’m meeting with, it’s just A Lot Right Now.)

Workouts are going ok, as much as I can fit them in. I had to shorten a GZCLP yesterday, only had time to do the T1s and half of the T2s. When I’m not lifting I’m running, but only 30 minutes at a time. Still, it’s better than not doing them. I’m not sleeping well or enough, and my recovery is suffering, so maybe low volume is better anyway.

Heavy combat practice is tonight. I’m still in loaner armor, but my aventail is supposed to arrive on Thursday so hopefully soon I’ll have my helm ready. My trainer has been busy the past few weeks but things are calming down for him and we should be able to do some more armoring soon. Unfortunately I don’t think I can manage to do things like shape Kydex without his help.

House update: so much yard work, and we’re on track for a reno for the downstairs half bath at the end of this month. Last weekend I stripped wallpaper, and my husband has a plumber next week to install shutoffs. The fixtures are 1930 original and everything’s got to come out. For some reason my husband has his heart set on a $1500 Toto washlet toilet, which strikes me as an awful extravagance for something that you poop in, but if that will motivate him to do this reno I suppose it’s money well spent. The budget overall should be manageable, provided that the leaks haven’t damaged the subfloor (here’s hoping!) We’re spending a bit extra on pretty tile, too. The existing floor is vinyl sheeting.

Okay, that’s enough of my 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.

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