Just one travel run

Well, I’m on my way back from my yearly big work trip– this year’s meeting was in Seoul. It was a whirlwind of a week, but really good, I enjoy seeing these folks so it’s always a productive but fun meeting.

The weather was lovely all week, but we had early starts everyday and I wasn’t motivated to go run at all. Hotel room yoga was about all I could manage. But today I had an empty day before my flight at 6pm, so I slept in just a bit and went for a run. Of course, this is the one day it rained. Still, it was a lovely and quiet run, I found a park and explored it and didn’t mind the wet. Afterwards it cleared up and I wandered around town some more before heading to the airport.

Highlight of this trip, though, was going to a Korean bathhouse with some other women from the meeting. ~$9 entrance fee to go in and use the baths, and another ~$35 got me an hourlong “sports massage” that was friggin amazing. Following that up with soaks in the tubs of many temperatures was heavenly.

It was also interesting to hang out like this with the science ladies from the meeting– just chillin in tubs in the nude. It was nice.

Now, to power through the long trip home…

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