Not dead!

My meetings are getting cancelled left and right this morning so I find myself with strange and wonderful slack time at work. Not that it’s really slack, but I have time to fire off a quick update here.

I’m now halfway through GZCLP round 2 and it’s getting challenging. If I superset I can get it done in 50-55 minutes; it’s a lot of volume. I like the focus on abs/obliques with these accessories, but I’m not finding that it’s helping my back concerns as much as I was hoping.

Running has kind of become "that thing I do on non-lifting days when I’m not friggin exhausted" (rare). Recovery is hard.

I’m keeping awfully busy with SCA stuff. I taught my first class last week. This weekend is an local event and I finished up some summer garb for my husband, so hopefully he’ll be comfortable and not grumpy. I’m taking a little break from fighting so I can have time to get my armor together; the trick is convincing the trainer/marshal that I’m not quitting. Dude, I’m just busy– still want to fight, need to make armor, cut me a break here.

We are also in the depths of bathroom reno hell. Wallpaper and sheet flooring have been pulled out and all the fixtures removed. $husband put down the backerboard last weekend to prepare for tiling; I need to patch a wall and fill in some holes and prime it. We have everything we need but time. Meanwhile we’re colliding in the morning with the single bathroom… he’s in the shower when I need to poop and it’s just not good. We need to wrap this thing up!

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