Ideal running conditions

Okay, today I re-evaluated my running situation. It turns out that I can still run if it is:

1. Slow
2. Flat
3. Air-conditioned

While this is frustrating, I’m not mad about plodding along for a solid 45 minutes on the treadmill listening to podcasts and watching HGTV; I still worked up a good sweat. My last few outdoors runs (in the hills and heat, and I’m awful at pacing) have been disasters, so I’m glad I don’t need to chuck my running shoes into the trash. I’m happy with not winning any awards for speed, if I can just keep my mileage up. Today’s run was 3.5 miles, just slowly.

In other news, yesterday’s bit of core HIIT has left my abs sore. Seriously? I guess I need to work on them more, jeez.

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Workout options today were run, HIIT, or something more low-impact like yoga or a walk. I’m frustrated with running right now, but wanted a good sweat to work off some fidgets. HIIT it is!

I have an app called IntervalTimer to do the intervaling. It plays obnoxious sounds when I need to stop or start working, and I can set it up for high/low/rest. I set it up for 6 sets of 4x(1 minute work, 15 seconds rest) and split that up into lower body set and core set. Lower body set was butt kicks-squats-stepups (each side, and with 5lb dumbbells in each hand), 1 minute each. Core was ball crunches-jackknifes-plank hold-knee pushups. It made for a good 30 minute workout and got my heart rate up and a nice sweat going.

I’m really annoyed at how the way I’m eating has messed with my athletic pursuits. I feel weak and slow during workouts, and I never used to. It’s really frustrating.

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another tough run

Okay, it’s not that hot and I ate earlier so I wasn’t fasted. Why was today’s run so hard? I went out for a nice 3 miler without big hills, the weather was nice, humidity was low, and I was hoping for a nice easy run. Instead I got another slog, the 3 miles took 40 minutes, I ran super hot, and my heart rate went way up and stayed high (peaked at 182!) It feels like I’m going backwards.

I’m hoping that today I can at least avoid the exertion migraine, it’s really discouraged me from running.

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So dang early

Early day -> up early, in early, lifting early, meetings early. The gym is usually bustling at 7am, but everyone must be on vacation or something because there were only 2 of us in the weight room. The other guy was doing a leg day so our equipment didn’t overlap and I didn’t feel bad about leaving all my stuff set up.

Bench – 4x5x115lb
Biceps – 3x10x45lb
Triceps – 3x10x45lb
OHP – 3x10x45lb

BO Row – 3x10x65lb
BO 1-arm DB row – 3x10x25lb, each side
Upright Smith machine row – 3x10x(20lb+bar)
Lat PD – 3x10x35

Bonus – Farmers carry 45lb each hand, 1×20 knee pushups (no way in heck I was going to be able to do normal pushups after all that)

I forgot my coffee and my lunch on the kitchen counter in my mad rush out the door. I realized this when I wasn’t far from home, but I knew I would miss the train if I went back for it. Thankfully my husband was around to dump out the coffee and put the lunch back into the fridge. I haven’t really missed the caffeine though? I had a cup of tea and I’m feeling all right.

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et tu, dehydration

On Monday I had an awful sick migraine (probably from that hot run) and yesterday I still felt awful with the ‘hangover’ from that and stayed home. Today I’m back at work, but, for some strange reason, I wanted a run (on the dang treadmill, in the AC, this time) and so I went to the gym with that goal in the morning. 30 minutes of that was annoyingly hard, and I walked some and covered just over 2.25 miles while watching a spoiled couple argue about a house on HGTV.

I’ve been waking up super dehydrated and I think that’s part of what’s giving me problems on my morning runs; they’re extra hot and difficult without enough water in my system. There’s a fine line though, since I work out shortly after I wake up– if I drink too much I risk having a potty emergency in the middle of my run.

I’m playing catch-up at work even more now and that’s no fun. I don’t like having to do this level of triage on my tasks. Thankfully, things are going to be a bit slow next month thanks to a lot of people going on leave so I can have some space to focus (before I go on leave myself!)

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slump run

I had to drop my car off at the shop this morning for service. The shop isn’t far from my house, and rather than wait, I opted to run home and add on a little bit extra for a nice workout. The first mile was pretty fast for me– 11’05”– but the rest was much slower as the humidity caught up with me. 2.81 miles, 36:31 overall.

I’m hoping that, now that my period’s started, my mood will even itself out. A terrible mixture of anxiety, lack of motivation, apathy and ennui has been rumbling around my head and I’ve been feeling burnt out and crappy. This paralyzing anxiety is new to me, too; I’ve dealt with it in small amounts but this has lasted over a week and it sucks. It’s just a constant low-grade energy sink.

Regardless, I need to take some time and pick up the work threads I dropped last week in the middle of that anxious mess. Projects ain’t gonna manage themselves. I’m looking forward to the end of the fiscal year coming up in a couple months– I inherited some temporary tasks this year that have been adding to my stress and I am ready to rid myself of them, as well as sit down with my boss and talk about “accrual of duties” because if I’m going to be doing all this management work I should at least get paid/titled like it.

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Stormy Saturday

It’s still hot as BAWLS and I went to the pool to swim laps for my workout today. I finished 20 in about 28 minutes, and looked up to see ominous black clouds headed in my direction. My husband was tooling around in the pool too and I said to him, “Let’s see if I can squeeze 5 more laps in before the storm gets here.” After just one lap the heavens opened so that was all I got to do. Regardless, it was a nice workout and felt good and I was a little speedier than usual.

I’m hoping the storm will bring the temperature down a little bit so I can enjoy a walk later…

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