Tempo fail

I wanted to do a 30 minute tempo run today. My body said, "HAHA NOPE."

My soylent experiment is maybe not going as well as I’d hoped? I mean, everything’s fine except for some bathroom issues that are making me wonder if I’m having absorption issues. I have enough energy to get through my day, but not enough to do hard cardio I guess. I’m hoping that it will sort itself out in time.

I settled on 10/10/10 and dialed up a warmup pace– I was so sluggish but I struggled through the first section. Then when I turned the treadmill up to get to the actual work (I didn’t even try for an ambitious speed, just moderately fast) it was not happening. Nothing hurt, I just had no energy. After a few minutes of being convinced I was about to die I took a walk break, turned the treadmill back down and plodded my way to the end of the 30 minutes (with more walking breaks). It just sucked.

I followed up with 3×10 squats with just the bar. Long sets of squats always suck no matter the weight, but it wasn’t so bad. I guess I just figured I might as well do a little more since my run plans didn’t go as expected.

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not my most productive workout, but…

I was sort of half-assedly back in the weight room this morning, doing a few rounds of lighter bench and upper-body accessory lifts. I thought about doing squats but the thought didn’t last long. How much of that is feeling lazy and how much is knowing I’ll be running a hard workout tomorrow? Unclear.

After that, 30 minutes on the elliptical at a resistance and pace that was enough to break a good sweat but not enough to make it feel difficult or get my heart rate up to a useful level. Can you tell I was feeling very motivated today? And it was boring– nothing good on the tvs, no good podcast to listen to. Oh well, it’s done.

And, just to note… This is kind of outside the scope of this blog, and I’m not going to spend long talking about it here, but I decided to give DIY Soylent a try so my eating is radically different at the moment and perhaps into the future. I’m hoping that the recipe is well-formulated enough to have no noticeable impact on how I lift and run– we’ll see. In the meanwhile, not having to cook is brilliant! But I am spending a bit too much time in the bathroom (TMI, sorry).

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Getting it done, in more ways than one

Hey, that rhymes.

It’s hot as BALLS outside today, and it has been for the past few days. I’ve wanted to go for a run but I also didn’t want to melt into a puddle. This morning I was up early, so I got out at 7am when it was only 80ºF (“only”). With about a zillion % humidity.

Despite all that whining I just did, it went okay. I decided to go for time, set my app for 30 minutes, and headed out with the intention to take it a slow and easy. 2.27 miles later I was done. I didn’t melt, and I don’t have a headache. A cold shower afterwards felt good.

This weekend I finished up most of the work on the bathroom. I painted and sealed the stained grout, re-caulked around the tub*, and used caulk the same color as the grout to go over the trim tile seams so it was all match-y. It looks much better. Now I have to paint it a neutral color; every real estate site I’ve read gives the advice to sellers, “Don’t be that house with the orange bathroom”– mine’s pink, but same idea. It’s been pink for 3 years now, and I’m kind of over it anyway. Time for boring taupe? beige? grey? Probably not grey, everything’s warm-toned off white. greige?

*My husband caulked it last time and he is a TERRIBLE caulk-er. He just smears it everywhere. Yes it takes patience and a steady hand to smooth it and he has neither. I was happy to pull his mess off.


Sorry for the picture of the bathroom, but it looks so much brighter now! No more stained grout and brown sealant.

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Easy peasy day

I woke up this morning feeling good, but I figured I should take a more restful day at some point so that was today. I did some maintenance lifting and then went on the elliptical for 20 minutes. My fellow cardio-machine users in the room turned all the TVs from news stations to HGTV, Bravo, the Golf Channel. It was a good morning for that.

Other than that, I haven’t got a lot going on, and that’s kind of nice. This weekend should be a quiet one, we should get some more house work done, and maybe our pool passes will show up so we can enjoy the nice weather.

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A sigh of relief

I headed to the gym first thing this morning to get my workout done before my busy day. My goal lately has been to get back into running condition, so I hopped onto the treadmill for what used to be routine– 3 miles. It took some persistence and sweat, but I finished the whole thing without any walk breaks– it’s been a while since I did that.

Today I think I wrapped up my work on a project that’s been going on for about 2 years. I’ve been working at my job for about 10 years now, which in many workplaces is a long time, but here that means I’m near the bottom of the seniority pile and there are a lot of ladder rungs over my head. So despite having a good amount of responsibility and projects to manage, I have very little connection with the folks "up the chain" (which drives me crazy a lot).

This project has been one of the worst in that regard– it has a a lot of formality and needing things from people who I’ve never met, many many levels above me. I am not plugged into the process or the results at all, so it was really hard to get my head around and I had to basically learn everything from the ground up. It’s been a long series of seeking approvals from many levels and departments.

But today I finally got all of the pieces of the package together with their approvals, so I gritted my teeth, bundled it up, and sent it off to the very much higher-up who would present it. I was expecting a turnaround time of days, but within 30 minutes he’d sent me an email thanking me for the "thoroughness" of the package. That was an enormous relief. I feel like this calls for a nice drink with dinner tonight.

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Taking direction

Sometimes it’s easier to let someone else tell me what to do. This morning I turned to the Zombies, Run! app for a straightforward interval workout on the treadmill (with a feeling of accomplishment for helping clean up some stray zombies). Sam and Janine ordered me around according to this chart:

Orange means jog, red means sprint, and green means walk– but instead I jogged the green, ran the orange at a faster pace, and cranked up the treadmill as fast as I could manage for the red. With a little warmup beforehand I covered 2.26 miles in 26:49.

I like intervals. They are the physical embodiment of the saying "You can put up with anything for 60 seconds." Breaking the workout into small chunks makes it go faster and feel easier.

After that I went into the weight room and sweated all over the bench, doing one long set of light bench, bicep curls with the bar, and triceps with a plate. (Yes, I wiped off the bench afterward.) Then, a good stretch and a cold shower.

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Classical music for yoga

Some of my rubberbands were tight after yesterday’s hike; yoga was a perfect solution. I spent about an hour stretching and breathing and that felt really good.

Sometimes I like music when I yoga, and I turned to Amazon Music for some variety today. They had a station called “Classical for Yoga” and that seemed like a good idea– and for the most part it was, it lent itself to relaxation and good long breaths.

The station was a mix of light classics – Bach, Beethoven, Fauré, Debussy, Massenet – and modern piano and string pieces. And this is the point where I get picky.

I grew up studying music; I took 10 years of piano lessons as a kid and played flute in my school band along with a lot of ensemble and solo work. I’m not a total High Classical nerd, but it’s safe to say that I have an appreciation the breadth of the Western musical tradition. I have opinions about interpretation.

So following up Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.12 (the first movement, the Andante) with some reverb-laden, muddily-played modern pop classical made of a simple 4-chord progression repeated for 5 minutes that sounds like my old smoked-up housemate noodling on the piano was a little jarring. But the repetitive stuff was less distracting than the more classic stuff, which I wanted to listen to more closely.

Oh, that Beethoven recording is nice– every note sings out. :) I encourage you guys to click over and give it a listen!

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