Status update

I give like 10 status updates a day for work, and here’s one on my workouts…

I was doing well on the dietary changes I was making, but in the last month or two it has totally gone into the weeds. I’m trying to get it back on track, but my natural tendency is to eat poorly and then say "oh I’ll do some extra cardio". But I don’t have time for extra cardio, so I really need to attack this on the plate side not the gym side. (And my MIL needs to cease bringing over sata andagi but that’s a whole nother issue…)

Meanwhile, I did get up early to fit in a full workout today and was it ever full. 4×3/1×8 squat at 170lb, which I was not excited about but it went okay. My legs started out sore, even after a 10 minute running warmup, and I’m probably going to be plenty toilet sore tomorrow. After that, medium bench (3×8@125lb) and then a bunch of back/shoulder work (lat pulldown, delt raise, shoulder press, cable row). Will I be able to lift my arms? Don’t know.

Wednesdays are usually fighting practice day but I’ve been taking a break the past few weeks and focusing on getting my armor together. I now have kydex cut out for upper legs and torso armor, and this Sunday we’re getting together to heat/shape and finish it. After this, I don’t have much excuse not to fight, in my own armor :)

Finally – in a few days I’ll be turning 40. It’s a weird milestone. I don’t know if anyone’s going to do anything special for me; I haven’t asked for anything or asked about it. I’m kind of hoping that they will, but I guess we’ll see.

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