Travel safety and running

Another Thursday Coreday workout. I left out the myrtl stuff but added in some lat pulldowns and OHPs for midback funzies. I’m tired today. It took a lot of psyching myself up to stop lying on the floor and do my darn situps.

I made bread this weekend and the rise didn’t go well– it’s kind of a breadbrick. I had a couple slices for breakfast and I don’t think it’s agreeing with me, I’m all bloaty and heartburn-y. Why bread why.

Next week I’m going on work travel to a city that’s not really known for being particularly safe. I like to run outside when I’m traveling– especially when it’s to a warm place during the winter– but everyone’s been warning me not to wander around alone. Safety first, I guess, where safety means I’m stuck on the treadmill at the hotel. It’s too bad– the best way to see a city is to run around it…

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5 Responses to Travel safety and running

  1. Julie says:

    I agree about running when you are away, but I find it easier when in the countryside as opposed to cities. Can be a bit nerve-wracking as I am always worried about getting lost! I am not above running around in circles…

    • G says:

      Oh, I’m the other way round! I love running in cities, but running out in the country gives me the heebie-jeebies. Plus there’s often no sidewalks, and errantly-driven cars…

  2. pritha13 says:

    You have to be patient with bread! :P sometimes it works, other times not so lucky!! :D

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