Back on track

Quick post-workout blarg before I jump in to my busy busy Thursday. Thursdays are the worst. The snowstorm meant that I wasn’t able to go fight yesterday; I missed the rush and burning off the aggression…

My 6+ day schedule is going well. It feels regimented but not crazy, and I’ve been able to get some good sleep so I’m recovering. (My husband has been run down, so he’s been going to bed at like 9-9:30 and so have I, because I’m depressed and I can’t seem to find any reason to bother staying awake.)

Sunday – 6mi run
Monday – GZCLP week 7 workout 1 + 3mi run
Tuesday – 40 minutes of 3×3 intervals
Wednesday – GZCLP week 7 workout 2
Thursday – 30 minutes elliptical (womp womp, I did something to my knee deadlifting yesterday)

I’ve also been more focused on getting my diet back on track, just reminding myself that I got Goals and doing some meal prep (cooked 5lb of chicken breast on Monday, which was exciting?) and just dialing it in to make sure it’s easy and satiating so I don’t wind up bored-rummaging through the pantry.

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