I can see the top from here

5x5B today: squats, OHP and deadlift. It was a tough workout today, and I suspect that I’m getting closer to the weights where I’ll start failing reps. I hate failing reps; I hate being close to failing. At that point it becomes a mental game and I start spending more time staring at the bar than lifting it (it doesn’t get lighter the longer you look at it) and my jaw hurts from gritting my teeth. And then I start worrying about injury when I’m grinding out reps. It’s just no fun.

Squat – 2x5x45lb, 5x95lb (warmup), 5x5x150lb
OHP – 2x5x45lb (warmup), 5x5x70lb
Deadlift – 5x185lb (warmup), 5x215lb
Bonus: back extensions, KB side bends, ball crunches, jackknifes, plank, farmers walk

Squat was something of a surprise. The first set was gawdawful and I was tempted to take some weight off. But after that it got easier, I think my hips and ankles were stretched out some and the force vector was back where it needed to be and the next 4 sets were all right. OHP at 70lb was a grind; don’t know if that’s ready for another 5lb next time. I think I can add to deadlift for a little while longer, but it’s getting challenging. I wound up with a long pause after rep 4, psyching myself up for the 5th, and the 5th went up with a barbaric yawp. I try not to make too much noise in the gym, but c’mon, rep 5, it happens. Also, thank goodness for Liquid Grip.

(weight loss junk ahead; feel free to skip) So just for some context here, and to explain why all my lifts have gotten lighter and my runs have gotten faster: I’ve lost about 50lb (doing that low carb thing, if you’re curious). I’m living in a body with a much different configuration these days, and coming back to lifting has been tough and humbling. My (probably unrealistic) goal is to get my lifts back to where they were before the big cut. Lots of work ahead if I want to get there. This blog is less accurately named these days, too… don’t know if I should change it, or let it stay as a record of my journey so far…

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