Brief reprieve from winter

The Arctic blast has abated for just this weekend– today it’s 50ºF out instead of 20ºF. But we’ll have more snow in the next day or two. Anyway, since it was nice out I made the most of it by going for a long run around the neighborhood– 4.3 miles in 54 minutes.  It feels like forever since I’ve ran outside! It wasn’t sunny but it still felt good.

I am wiped out tired, though. We’ve been invited to a Super Bowl party this evening, and while I’m looking forward to hanging out with friends I suspect that after a beer or two I’m going to be ready for a snooze…

Maybe before I hit the showers though I’ll work through some dancey game. I played some yesterday but I need to learn the moves for the next tier so I can advance in the game. Silly game, requiring hours of practice.

Edit: Oh! I added up how much I ran in January– 25 miles. Not bad for a non-training month.  February’s going to be a lot more…

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