Doing what I can

Today’s update will be super brief; I’m busy with work and getting ready to jet off again. So it goes.

I headed to the gym early this morning. My training plan called for ‘4 miles fast’ but I knew that was a stretch (I’m not confident in 3 miles regular at the moment, let alone 4 fast!). So I figured I would just get to 4 miles however it went. It was okay. It took me just under 50 minutes, and two little walking breaks, though I managed to do the last mile 1:00 faster than the first. I can live with that.

My feet are feeling kind of beat up. The big toe issues from hiking are flaring again from all the use; it’s not bad bad but they aren’t happy. And I could use a massage like whoa. I hit the foam roller after this morning’s workout and it’s all a mess…

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