Ad hoc leg day

Someone did me the indignity of scheduling a meeting over my gym time again so I shorted myself on sleep and headed in early for the second day in a row. It was a pretty strenuous and fast-paced leg day. Good workout, but at what cost?

While I’m on the topic, I’ve been kicking around the idea of two-a-days since we have the basement gym now. I’m not sure now is the right time, though– I need to be able to commit to recovery and I need to be doing a better job scaling down my workouts. The first is always hard (we didn’t even get home from practice last night until 9:30) and the second is something that I need to plan ahead with. Everything I’ve read says that each workout should be no longer than 30 minutes– this morning I was working for an hour and 10 minutes. Maybe not a good idea to throw a second workout into the mix right now. (Or maybe I need to start up a proper two-a-day plan that does the hard work of thinking about it for me…)

warmup: 1 mile run (10:13)
3×10 each: Squat ROM drill, barbell reverse lunge (45lb), barbell goodmorning (45lb), leg press (200lb+sled), glute/ham raise (10lb), barbell RDL (95lb), glute thruster (95lb), stepup (25lb dumbbell each hand), one leg RDL (10lb each hand)

So that’s a long circuit and the weight room was crowded this morning, I wound up moving the barbell and bench for RDL/glute thrusters to the only open space available, next to the drinking fountain. For the first time ever, someone scolded me for this. Dude, it’s busy in here! You can get around it.

Practice last night was fun. I brought my knitting and sampler hankie to finish up, but wound up learning to spin yarn using a spindle. The woman who taught us sent us off with our own spindles and a blob of roving, which was nice! I have a lofty goal of spinning enough to dye and make a hat from… I’ve read that dandelion root makes a decent animal fiber dye and lawd knows we have enough of that around so I need to pull it out and start stockpiling it. If I can save some money by using dyestuff that literally grows as a weed in my yard, so much the better.

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