I have to leave work early today to go to the doctor, so I got up an hour earlier (5:30, NOT COOL) and hit the gym for an abbreviated workout; 20 minutes on the elliptical and then I went into the weight machine room and did as much as I could until the dudes in there skeeved me out and I ran away. (Seriously, guys, the grunting. Don’t do it. It’s gross.) I find myself thankful for the Muscle Development (aka weightlifting) class I took in high school– I already know how most of the machines work so it’s less intimidating. Of course, my high school PE class was girls-only, and we didn’t grunt…

So a point of pride for me is that I usually try to look pulled-together. I don’t have expensive clothes or the body of a Brazilian model, but I work hard to find things that coordinate well and look good on me, and it makes me feel good. (I didn’t really realize that I did this until various friends started pointing it out to me, and it surprised me!) But today my efforts all fail and I feel schlumpy and blah. Unflattering pants, a shirt that has a weird neckline under a shapeless cardigan. It’s comfortable I guess, but it ain’t doing me any favors. I think I need to go on a mission to replace these pants, but it’s hard to find khaki-style pants that fit well. Any leads on khaki pants for hourglasses with FUPAs (I’ll let you google that, it has many names, but that’s my favorite one for my least favorite body area) would be appreciated.

Edit: The allergist checked my pulse, looked at me and said “Do you exercise?”  I answered yes, and he said “Your pulse is very slow, I see that in people who exercise.”  Heh.  Also I am somewhat allergic to cats but nothing else– this does not explain my post-exercise nose-blowing-upping, and I’m guessing now that it is some sort of non-allergic rhinitis that medicine won’t fix. :(

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