Mixin it up

I skipped my customary Wednesday run yesterday (I was le tiiiiiired!) Anyway, to make up it up somewhat, I tacked a mile onto my workout this morning. So I ran a fast mile (felt goooood to not plod along), lifted weights with J, and stretched it all out. After my shower I started to notice that I am a little bit sore in unusual places– not surprising, since the yoga yesterday was something 100% new and different. But it’s all good.

If you had asked me a year ago, I would’ve said I’d never be able to fit 1-1.5 hours of working out, 5 days a week, into my schedule. But I have, somehow– and truth be told, I really enjoy it. I’m not sure where the extra time is coming from (sleep? probably) but I feel better with activity in my life.

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