After what feels like a very long hiatus, I went for a run today. I suppose I had excuses– Damn Foot, being sick, parental visit, nasty weather, and so on– but still, it’s been a while. I did 2 miles this morning at a tempo pace, and it was a good way to ease back into it. The worst part was that my cold is still lingering, in that
stuffy/goopy/drainy way, and I was worried I was going to choke on mucus (yes, I know that’s disgusting, sorry.)

I have Plans to hit up a different running store this weekend and finally get fitted for a new pair of comfy shoes. I’ve been running exclusively in the minimal ones since the 5k, and I don’t think it’s been helping Damn Foot at all. (Which has been oddly naggy still, despite not running much. Not sure what the deal is.)

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