I’m having another of my digestive system upsets (though I think I may have found a food trigger? maybe?) and today I am finally feeling a little better (I’ve had abdominal pain since Sunday, fun times). I was so ready to get back to the gym, but a little worried about how it would go, so I resolved to take it easy and see.

Well… I mostly failed at taking it easy, but I didn’t feel too bad. I finished up my lifting at the normal weights, but I only did one set of the bodyweight matrix before feeling a bit barfy. I’m calling it a win anyway, and sticking on a gold star.

I shared the weight room with one of the dudes I first saw last week, the one who commented on my (poor) bent-over row form. Today he had some suggestions– basically to do the rows from a squat position to help keep my back straight. It worked well enough, but while he spent a few minutes demoing the form, his butt was hanging out his shorts. (I am chuckling at the literal "showing your ass".) On my fourth and last set he suggested I might use less weight too. And I was like DUDE THIS IS MY FOURTH SET I’M TIRED. Anyway.

I forgot to blog about it, but last weekend I went and swam laps for the first time this season! It was only 30 minutes but it was hard and the next day my shoulders were so sore. Regardless, I’m looking forward to swimming again this weekend.

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