Stage 5 Workout A done!

Today was workout 4A of Stage 5. Which means that I will NEVER EVER have to do the bodyweight matrix again! (I think. I don’t have the book here in front of me.) I don’t feel like I made a lot of progress in the stage, but I did pick up some fresh ideas. This stage is also long workouts! I hardly ever finished in less than 1:15, even not giving myself the prescribed break between sets.

One-arm dumbbell snatch
Starting load: 30lb
Ending load: 45lb (whew! these are fun though)

Dumbbell one-leg Romanian deadlift
Starting load: 25lbx2
Ending load: 25lbx2 (but I feel like my balance improved a lot, and my hamstrings no longer hate me for 3 days afterwards)

Barbell bent-over row
Starting load: 75lb
Ending load: 85lb

Dumbbell one-arm overhead squat
Starting load: 10lb/20lb
Ending load: 12.5lb/25lb (I hate these; I’m so inflexible and when I squat my overhead arm comes down)

Barbell incline bench press
Starting load: 85lb
Ending load: 95lb

60sec holds

Reverse wood chop
Starting load: 33.5
Ending load: 32.5 (I reduced the weight to try to help my form)

Bodyweight matrix
Worst time: 4:35
Best time: 3:23 (woot)

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2 Responses to Stage 5 Workout A done!

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    wow! I am super impressed with your stats. On the dumbbell bench press especially – I’m doing 50 lbs right now. Is someone handing them to you? 25 in each hand is about as much as I can wrangle myself, it’s definitely time to get some help…

    • G says:

      Oh crap! That’s actually a barbell loaded up; I forgot to alter the name like I’d altered the exercise.Thanks for the catch; lemme go fix that… I can only manage 35lb dumbbells– I don’t think I could get anything heavier up to receiving position, but I figured that the exercise was a press, not a ‘wrangle dumbbells up to receiving position’ so I switched to a barbell to make it easier.

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