Can I impress people at this fancy party with my lifting prowess?

I’m taking a half day at work (fancy party this evening! have to get all spiffed up and then battle rush hour traffic to get back downtown) and I made a point to go to the gym and get my lifting in; it was a quick workout. But a good one: squats/overhead press/deadlift at 165/75/175. It’s kind of scary that my squats are catching up with my deadlift. 165lb was very tough; each rep was its own little battle. This week’s 3 lifting workouts was a lot… I think I prefer keeping it T/Th.

It’s been a while since I did much performing femininity and I forgot how much dang work it is. Last night I got painting my nails and shaving my legs (it’s been well over a month, the hairs were fully grown out) took a couple hours to deal with; today I have to do… something… with my hair and get a full face of makeup on. And then there’s the heels. Yeah. Sometimes I enjoy getting all fancied up, but I’m not really enjoying it right now.

It’s really been a long week. And after the party tonight, we have people coming over tomorrow at 12. Honestly all I want to do is sleep in, then clean up the house leisurely, not rushing around before people arrive (I haven’t had time to keep it up at all this week). At least I’m just opting for pizza, rather than cooking like I usually do…

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