Intervals surprise

Oh hey, we’re 2 months out from Thanksgiving– which means it’s time to start my training for the 5k I always run on Thanksgiving morning. I’m doing the Higdon intermediate 5k plan again, because it’s familiar and straightforward and I always get a little faster on it.

Therefore, the first speed workout of the plan: 5x400m intervals. I started with a 0.75mi warmup and then got to work. 400 fast/400 recovery, and I finished in 3 miles and 34:43. The first work interval was at 10’00" pace and I turned it up a tick every cycle; the last one was at 9’00" and I did not die but it was very hard. So that worked out okay, better than I thought it would. It’s always nice when I go into a workout saying "let’s see if I can do this" and it turns out I can!

I didn’t run yesterday, but I did do my favorite Youtube yoga practice for the first time in a while. Despite living in a 3 bedroom condo with far more room than we need, there was no good place for me to put my mat down, away from the TV– my husband was watching the Vietnam documentary and that is not a good backdrop for a calming yoga practice. Any open space was in the living/dining area and I couldn’t get away. In the bedroom there was just enough space on the floor for the mat so I went there and dealt with my husband’s piles of clothes on the floor (ugh). He’s slowly decluttering, but the piles drive me nuts. I try not to get on his case about them… but something will need to be done with them when we start to stage the house…

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