No rest indeed

My mini-bulk leading up to the comp is done, and it’s time to get back on that fasted cardio and IF game (blehhhh) as I train for the upcoming 5k. I wasn’t too sore, just slightly tired legs, so I jumped right in. 3 miles this morning on the treadmill was so very boring but I guess I can’t complain too much– I can run the whole thing at a pace that I used to reserve for interval training. Speed work is going to be uncharted territory and I’m kind of excited to get started.

This is our first Halloween in the new house, and the neighbors tell us that we get a good amount of little monsters coming by to trick or treat. I can’t wait to pass out candy, it should be adorable. We decorated and everything!

No one at my work does anything for Halloween so I’m keeping it low-key while being as spooky as can still be work-appropriate. Last year off the Joanns clearance shelf I snagged a skull-print thing that was meant to be a table runner and I’ve pressed it into service as a shawl. So black clothes (normal for me anyway) and skulls – just lightly spooky, very subtle :)

Happy Halloween!

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