Running and buying things

I’m trying to work on speed and this morning it went pretty well. Did 2.5 miles with a couple walking breaks, but pushed up the speed by 0.5mph. It’s interesting– I’ve kind of gotten used to going faster; if I go back to my old speed it feels achingly slow. So hopefully I can keep that habit.

On Saturday I was out with a friend (hi Aja!) and we went to the fancy bra store. I wound up getting a new sports bra (I think it’s the Elomi Energize) and tried it out this morning and it was kind of a fail. No chafing (could be the bra, could be the Body Glide) but it was terribly bouncy– and it’s a brand new bra, it’s only going to get worse as it wears. Whee $65 fail.

While we were out, we stumbled across a local running store. My friend is interested in starting c25k (yay!) and wanted to check gear out, so we went in and she got a gait analysis and was fitted for a pair of shoes. I picked up some Body Glide and threw $30 at one of those Nike+ doohickeys. (Now I just have to figure out how it works.) I’ve always been intimidated by running stores; I always feel inadequate and not like a “real runner” and so I’ve avoided them. When we walked in, the store guy greeted us and asked if we were training for anything in particular and I said um no? A marathon in like 5 years, maybe? (He was very nice, actually.) While my friend was doing her thing I milled around the store. None of the womens’ running clothes would fit me; it was a little discouraging but I don’t think I need any of the stuff they sold. ($60 socks, really?!) I’ll stick to my old t-shirts and floppy pants for now.

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5 Responses to Running and buying things

  1. Aja says:

    Oh man so you had a bra-fail too? Mine fit well in the store (shiny store filter?) but I tried them both on later and I’m like… ‘NO’. Please dear god let them have a half-way decent return policy.

    • G says:

      Oh no! I’m sure you can take it back if you haven’t worn it for long. Unfortunately I sweated through an entire run in mine :(

  2. I definitely haven’t wandered into a running store yet, for the reasons you laid out. It especially sucks when you’re relegated to checking out the ($60!) socks and shoes section (well, i guess it’s like any other clothing store for some of us : )

    I haven’t used Body Glide yet. Worth it?

    • G says:

      Well, I used the Body Glide on Monday and Wednesday and no chafing so far, it seems to do the trick! Plus today I put some on my inner thighs since I’m wearing a skirt and no nylons and that can rub if I get sweaty. I’ll report back more if it turns out to be useless.

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