Teeny post today! I took a break in the middle of my day to hit up the yogaflex class… an hour later I was a bit more bendy. I am just not naturally a bendy person, so this is something I really need to put some time into. (I’d love to be able to do yoga at home, but the only space in my tiny apartment large enough to stretch out is in my living room, and my cat interprets me sitting on the floor there as "Oh it’s time to be brushed or get attention! I should get all up in G’s biz! Oh she isn’t paying attention to me! I will bite her!")

I also saw my old nemesis… pigeon pose. Someone shared the lovely cheat of a yoga block under the bum to ease the pose, and I made good use of that. Much better! It’s still intense though– it feels kind of good, but I’m hoping the instructor tells us it’s time to stop after an awfully short time.

Yoga is just not something that comes easily to me. The poses don’t feel ‘right’. I mean, even child’s pose feels weird to me. (I can manage corpse?) I’m totally new to it and I guess I’ll learn how things work given time, but it’s a little discouraging right now.

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