Legs combo

My desire for a lifting legs day and a good ol’ run collided today, though it was constrained by the fact that I have a long meeting this morning. I was in before 7, so I got to the gym early.

I started off with leg presses and squats. In the weight room, I ran into a woman who I met after the 5k and she is perhaps my new Favorite Gym Person. She was using the squat rack so I asked if I could work in for a quick set and she was like "Yes! I love ladies in the squat rack!" So she is officially awesome.

The run was kind of cruddy– okay, really cruddy. My legs were all kinds of tired and sore. However, around 25 minutes in they sorted themselves out and the last 10 minutes was much better. Too bad it took them so long! And I just missed the rain too; it was lightly sprinkling as I ran but the shower really picked up after I came in.

I guess that, if I want to have a nice easy run, the way to do that is NOT to lift with my legs beforehand. (Nor is it to break in uncomfortable boots the day before, but that’s a different problem.) But I feel somewhat accomplished for doubling up my effort, even if it meant that neither was my best work.

Well, now it’s time for that 2 hour meeting– so I’m stuffing some almonds in my face and hoping I make it until noon…

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