Take it easy

I took the advice of everyone who commented two posts ago and slowed way down for the first 10 minutes of my run today, and found the remaining 20 minutes were much easier and made a solid pace. (I am especially proud of this considering how sore my hamstrings and glutes are today.) It’s funny how running faster makes me slower…

It’s not hot today– barely 70 degrees– and I thought the cool, cloudy weather would make for a nice run. It did, until I started to sweat, and then I realized that the high humidity meant that sweating did nothing! So I just steamed and dripped as my body tried to cool itself.

For me, running makes a fantastic attitude adjuster. Before my run today I was really grumpy (like, ready to punch some grumpy). After, though, I was ready to face my day. (And what a day it’s turning out to be…)

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