Pain tolerance

Workout B4 today. I’m looking forward to the fewer reps/more resistance of workouts 5 and 6– we’ll see how well I’m adapting! Today’s post-gym shower was most welcome; my partner made stirfry last night on a very hot wok and the soy/garlic smell was all up in my hair.

One of the locker room ladies was telling me that she was on vacation and she was so sore after her first workout upon returning. We joked about it, saying that was how you know it was a good workout– you’re sore the next day. I tacked on "and the next day, and the next…"

It’s true– I’m almost always sore, somewhere. Luckily I have a pretty high pain tolerance; that’s probably the reason I tolerate lifting well. I’ve found that taking Wednesdays off entirely helps my recovery a lot, but I’m still usually sore from Tuesday when I start lifting on Thursday.

I worry about that. Right now I bounce back pretty quickly, but I’m not getting any younger. Some of the exercises seem to be a little rough on my knees– I haven’t had any pain, but they’ve been pretty noisy. My pecs and arm sockets seem to be permanently stiff (door stretches are my friend). I carefully engineer my pillows so I get maximum support while I sleep, but I’m still sore all over in the morning.

I guess I could scale it back, but then I don’t have that "good workout" twinge the next day (and the next day, and the next…)

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