Pre-turkey 5k

I’m dashing this off fast– my partner is pulling the corn pudding out of the oven now, so we’re headed over to his parents’ for Thanksgiving dinner as soon as that’s all set to go. (Transporting very hot dish in the car? Brilliant idea, hon.) Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the US, and happy Thursday to folks elsewhere. :)

I squeezed in a run somewhere between making a pie and showering and getting dressed, so I feel better for having gotten that done. It was a pretty cruddy run, though– 5k in 42 minutes, definitely not my best work. My legs were sore and my lungs still hurt. I’m not ready for winter running, either– I got out a pullover, a vest, cold weather tights, thermal headband and gloves. It turned out to be just about right in the windy 40 degree weather, but it was pretty miserable until I warmed up. My legs have been a mess lately; I might blame some of it on lifting, but I also got my new dancey game (Dance Central 2 >> Dance Central) and dancing barefoot on carpet leaves my feet and legs tired.

Speaking of my legs… I swear every single pair of pants I own is tight in the thighs. Today I pulled on a pair of stretchy leggings (because c’mon, Thanksgiving) and the thighs were tighter than I remember. My running tights didn’t fit well either. Nor do my jeans. I mean, I have big thighs to begin with; I haven’t gained weight so I suppose it’s new muscle from all the squats. Oh well… tradeoffs. Clothes fit… squatting body weight… Maybe I should just stick to dresses.

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