Looking on the bright side?

It feels like nothing is going right today… my train was super late so I waited out in the cold for an hour and and totally missed yoga class, and I’ve lost the tiny labret screw back of an earring. (Should I take out the jewelry rather than risk losing it? It’s a years-healed conch piercing– but winter hats, and a $50 piece of jewelry that I waited 6 months to get… Once I get home I can swap it out, and order a new back.) And I have some very tedious meetings this afternoon that I’m not looking forward to, either.

Luckily, my 3 mile run today was not a disaster! I chugged along and finished it in 40 minutes without much trouble. (That was the treadmill time. My thingumbobber said it was 3.37 miles. But it varies by treadmill! I need to calibrate this thing on a track or something. Some treadmills feel faster than others, too. The one I used today is a faster one.) I’m glad it went well; now I just have to gradually work on improving my time.

My hips are tired from the run and at lunch today I was crowded around a round table with a bunch of dudes who needed all the room for their ‘nads, and after my legs were being crowded by knees for so long, holding my legs in tight really started to hurt. What the hell do guys do when they have leg run-ins? Surely they must; there’s not enough room for everyone to spread their junk out. And I always feel self-conscious anyway, as if I’m not supposed to take up any room, though I’m much narrower at my knees than my hips. Thankfully, there was a female coworker there that I could complain to after lunch, and she confirmed the annoyance. Guys, no one wants to be touched by your legs! Just stop!

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2 Responses to Looking on the bright side?

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    The damned thing is you can’t just do it back to them! They won’t see it as an aggressive invasion of their personal space, they’ll see it as a come-on. Sheesh. Men and their ‘nads…

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