Self-interested altruism

The world is still a snowy mess, and given my past experience with running after snow, I thought it might be a good idea to take a shovel around my 5k loop to ensure I can safely do my planned 5k test run tomorrow. In retrospect, that sounds really ambitious doesn’t it? I mean, I figured it would be mostly cleared. It kind of was, but shoveling snow takes a long time. Especially when you’re trying to shovel waist-high plow piles that are covering the sidewalk. This wasn’t one of those, but it was looooong….




And after. This took a while. Just enough to walk on…


Anyway, I only made it about a half mile up the road before calling it a day, and between that and clearing off my car it was a good 2 hours of shoveling. I am tired and my arms and back are sore! And my down jacket was soaked on both sides. The bad news is, there was plenty more to clear still and I’m definitely going to face a mess running. The good news is, it’s a nice sunny day and it’s getting warmer and the sun was melting everything anywhere there’s bare pavement.

Mostly I’m just annoyed at road plowing being #1 high priority while sidewalks, enh, they might get done? Even in the pictures you can see that they tried, but barely put any effort in (though in this case it’s really the fault of the road plows, there’s nowhere else for the snow to go). And plenty of people walk here, it’s not like no one uses the sidewalks. I tried to do a good thing and make a path, but the effort of one really strong and awesome person only goes so far.

At least it’s supposed to get warmer over the next week and the snow should melt away. And then I go to Puerto Rico and I don’t care about snow for a little bit. :)

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