Test run (or, How to Remove Temptation)

I rolled out of bed today with a to-do list– we have friends coming over to play D&D at noon and there were plenty of things I needed to accomplish and get ready before then! High on the list was hitting up the little farmer’s market nearby, since apple season is here. :)

The market is close by– less than a mile’s walk– and I figured the short distance would be an excellent chance to evaluate the state of my legs, since I haven’t done any running since I hurt my back. Worst case, I walk, right? And I couldn’t be tempted to overdo it, since coming back I’d be carrying all the apples. (Seriously, it wound up being 5 pounds of them, plus some tomatoes and an acorn squash. I love apples.)

And I felt pretty good. I was aware of my twingey back, but it was more in the sense of “this sore muscle is getting jostled” rather than “this sore muscle is being used”. So that’s a good sign, though the run was so short that I can’t tell how I’d feel after longer distances. I’ll have to ramp up and continue to evaluate the situation.

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4 Responses to Test run (or, How to Remove Temptation)

  1. chasingdownhealthy says:

    I bet it felt good to run, though! You’re playing it smart :)

  2. Hooray for acorn squash and D&D! I have to ask, what class are you playing? I’m usually a Sorcerer, although Psions are my favorite. Currently, in our new campaign, I’m branching out and being a Psychic Warrior!

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