Recovery day OMG

Ahh, how nice! I got a good night’s sleep (I only waited a half hour before moving to the spare room, rather than the hour+ I usually wait, lying awake listening to my partner snore) and went to the gym to do easy yoga this morning. It took my brain a while to settle, but (thanks Fovea Hex) eventually it did and I had a good practice with a restorative shavasana at the end. I feel much improved.

Last night I watched the first episode of Orange Is the New Black. I knew a bit about it, since it’s been all over tumblr for a while now. I was surprised at how much I disliked that first episode. Piper is an awful POV character, I want to punch everyone in her life, and I can’t decide if there will be enough side plots without her stupid face to justify continuing to watch. (I know, we’re probably not supposed to like Piper.) And I felt that the amount of close-in boob shots and sex was super gratuitous, as if they had to keep a bunch of it in that first episode to convince men to watch what’s basically a show about a bunch of women– "please stay, there will be boobies all the time"! (Plus the bit with the guy in the office after Piper uses the phone was horrifying; it was supposed to be but knowing the stats on guard-on-prisoner sexual violence…) Anyway, at this moment I don’t feel like bothering with the second episode but my partner probably wants to keep watching.

I tend to be overly sensitive to media, in a way that keeps me from watching a lot of things. So I might be having a stronger reaction than most people would. But still.

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5 Responses to Recovery day OMG

  1. wholeheartbliss says:

    I really love OITNB but I really dislike Piper. She frustrates me a lot.

  2. After the first season, the writers realized that Piper is a crappy main character and how strong the rest of the cast is so it immediately branches out, and is well worth your time!

  3. Gingerzingi says:

    LOL that was exactly my reaction to the first episode. HATE PIPER HATE HER BOYFRIEND SO MUCH HATE. And yes, there continue to be boobies and more explicit, gratuitous and extremely unlikely sex scenes.

    As much as I hated the first episode, I went back for more, and the show does improve a lot. I was definitely hooked after the second episode; there are a lot of very good characters and good storylines. That being said, I lost interest in it sometime during the third season.

    • G says:

      I seriously don’t get all the sex scenes. (Watching them puts me so far out of my comfort zone. I hate it.) Though… I appreciated the way they treated the two other inmates in the shower; it was sort of a long shot, obvious what they were up to but it didn’t feel like it was meant to titillate. Like the soft-focus, musical montage, moaning is so much grosser to me, along with the close-in boob motion shots. It’s so male gaze-y.

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