Multitasking library run

I went out for a run this sunny morning and it actually turned out reasonably well. I finished 3 miles in a speedy (for me) 36:35, though that number isn’t really representative because I stopped after a mile to do something (and paused my tracker).

My local library is close by, and I run by it a lot. Yesterday I found out that my library card was no longer working to download e-books (really the only thing I use it for) so I decided to stop in and sort it out. It was a mile to get there, and I felt out of place and sweaty in the line (and I had to remind myself not to drink my water bottle in the library) but the librarian helped me out and then I continued on my way with a newly renewed card.

I don’t know if it was the short break or what, but the rest of the run was strong and pretty fast. My hips felt better, my legs felt good, and my lungs were keeping up.

Tomorrow I have a lot of walking around planned: we’re headed out to the nearby Renaissance Faire to tramp around in our costumes and eat turkey legs. It should be a good time! Maybe Sunday I can run again, if my legs aren’t too tired and I manage to get all the dust/faire crud out of my respiratory system.

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2 Responses to Multitasking library run

  1. Wait you can download ebooks at libraries?! What the eff?! This is life changing…

    • G says:

      Yep! My library has a website with an ebook catalog; you choose a book that’s “in stock” (they buy a limited number to lend) and it directs you to Amazon to download it to your Kindle. After 2 weeks, the book is “returned”– it disappears from your device and is available to other people. Visit your local library’s website to see if they have something similar!

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