A dolphin tale

This morning’s workout: 2 rounds of barbell complexes with 55lb, followed by some biceps and triceps and weighted ball crunches. My arms and shoulders and hands are tired, and this evening that wasn’t helped by…



Yep, a practice of dolphin and dolphin planks with Jessamyn. It was a short one, only 15 minutes, but it was brutal. I really have no sense of where I am in this pose, so I asked Consort to take a picture. It’s flattering, ain’t it? My shoulder mobility is not great, so getting that nice straight, supported line from my elbows to my bottom is hard. Yoga January is slowly improving that, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to get my legs in closer…

Teetotaler January is also moving along; it’s getting easier as time passes. One thing that helps is finding a variety of novel beverages. I don’t drink soda much, and I didn’t want to replace alcoholic drinks with sugary ones, but having something besides plain water helps keep me from getting bored. So I’ve been drinking a lot of tea, and I’ve also been trying many different flavors of seltzer, the unsweetened flavored bubble water kind. I was skeptical of the blackberry tangerine, but I actually like it!

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3 Responses to A dolphin tale

  1. stephieann8 says:

    Better than I can do!

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    What stephieann8 said!

    I admire your ability. And it’s a hella flattering pose because it shows a fabulous woman rocking her yoga :-D

    Seltzer water is the bomb. I used to drink a lot of it, need to pick up that habit again…

    • G says:

      Haha, thanks. I actually think yoga is one of the more difficult activities I do! I’m not naturally bendy and there are so many places I can improve.

      We like the cheapo store-brand seltzer in Casa G. We have a seltzer bottle and CO2 cartridges too, but that’s fiddly (and plain)…

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