Two of my favorite things

My little pool session last night was fun. I got to try out my new gear and blow bubbles for a bit. Before I left, I pulled my reg out of its bag to show my cow0rker and realized it was missing a part– no inflator hose. Why did I not buy one of those? Anyway, I had to drive in one direction through traffic to the dive shop, spend $33 on a rubber hose, then back across town through more traffic to the pool, which was in an area I’d never visited before and I was worried about getting lost. Once I got in the water though, it was super chill and relaxing. Two students were doing their Open Water pool sessions with an instructor, and the other 4 of us were just toodling around. My reg worked just fine, and I had my underwater camera and tried taking some silly pictures. It’s really hard to shoot underwater– can’t hold still!


Scuba students

And last night my friends sent a text: “It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow, let’s go for a hike!” So today we headed over to a nearby park to do some walking along a pretty trail that was quite crowded with people out enjoying the day too. It wasn’t a long hike, only 4.5 mi or so, and super flat. My husband took his fancy camera and got some pictures and we enjoyed the scenery and saw some birds, herons and cormorants and hawks and woodpeckers.


Not a good spot for kayaking.

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  1. Gingerzingi says:

    The underwater photo is cool!

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