Back from paradise

I had a nice trip, even though it took me a while to get home! The plane had mechanical problems and we were delayed an entire day, then we flew in during a blizzard. Good times eh?

I took two dive trips while I was there. The first was a shallow dive, mostly just sand and turtles. I was buddied up with a photographer and tried to be cheerful about it but honestly I hate diving with photographers. They only pay attention to what’s in front of their cameras. I followed her as she wandered from shot to shot and for both tanks’ dives we wound up losing the boat and having long, exhausting surface swims back.

Two days later I went out in the morning to do a wreck and drift trip which was lots more fun! The first tank was a 91′ wreck dive which was beautiful– lots more life at depth. Sharks, turtles, manta rays, lots of fish. That was my deepest dive ever, and it was a bit shorter than we had planned since my gauge hose had a leak :( For the next tanks’ dive they got me swapped over to a rental reg and we did a drift dive through a cave carved by the ocean into the side of a cliff. It was great!

The water was a little cold, so they gave me a 5/3 wetsuit and I was reminded how much I want my own wetsuit– after 10 minutes of struggling to get it on I had worn all the skin off my knuckles. It still hurts, but it’s healing.



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