A couple runs and a lot of planning

Two runs to write about today, one yesterday and one today. They’re the same 3.75mi loop done in opposite directions. On Sunday I went with $husband and today by myself.

$husband’s running is advancing by leaps and bounds – we did this same run a week ago and he struggled up the hills at 12’00", now he’s doing it at 11’12" and feeling much better about it. I’m hanging out consistently at 10’25"ish so before long he’s going to catch up with me and probably even be faster. Dang it. I suppose I should be working harder.

Update on House Shit: closing date is two Fridays from now, everything is set to go. It’s tough to be patient with this process! We met the current owner on Saturday and he very kindly showed us around the house and demonstrated everything– with pride, he’s a retired building engineer and maintained the house at a very high level. When we left, I thanked him for taking such good care of the old house and he looked so… is there a word for being modestly embarrassed about being complimented on something you’re proud of? There probably is in German.

Still to do is getting the condo listed, we took another 2 loads of stuff to the storage unit. The plan is to be "ready to list" at the end of the month, then we have pictures taken and off it goes. At some point after closing we need to decide when/how to move into the new house; since it will be easier to show the condo when it’s empty we should probably do that ASAP. $husband seems to be very chill about all this. I am not. I keep telling him, "you know you married a project manger, right?" Of course I’m going to try to plan everything.

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2 Responses to A couple runs and a lot of planning

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    My husband laughs at me because when we do homeowner projects, I write out a project plan listing resources, schedules, dependencies, etc.

    But he does admit it makes everything go more smoothly.

    • G says:

      I don’t know why all these men are so anti-planning!

      I have a friend who hosted her first thanksgiving dinner and did a full schedule with Gantt chart… that was a bit much but it worked for her :)

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